Greece Savings Accounts

Provider Rate Type Updated
HSBC Greece EUR Savings Account

This Greece HSBC savings account is for the ''Advanced Statement savings account' and is denominated in Euros. It has no minimum deposit and is paid montly. it is also available in other currencies. 

        Euro Balance            Interest Rate

From 0-50.000             0.05%  

  From 50.001-200.000     0.05%  

  From 200.001-500.000    0.10%  

  From 500.001+             0.15%

-Sep 2019
National Bank of Greece Savings Account

- Rates apply to balances over �150,000.01 for the 'EUROPEAN SAVINGS' account

-Feb 2018
Piraeus Bank Savings Account

Rates apply to accounts with balances of 200,000.01 and over. Tiered rates apply for different deposit amounts with 6 month interest periods.

-Jun 2018